• general design
  • structural design, structural analysis and construction design:
    ferro concrete constructions, prestressed ferro concrete constructions, steel constructions, timber constructions, composite constructions, building constructions, silo constructions, old buildings, historic constructions
  • design of industrial complexes
  • design of bridge constructions
  • design of road transport infrastructure
  • design of submission
  • estimate of costs
  • tender design, quantity survey, tender-evaluation, awarding of contracts and bill of cost
  • controlling of costs
  • building supervision
  • design and execution controlling
  • fire prevention design, controlling of the execution of fire prevention
  • check-up of structural analysis
  • existent building survey
  • preservation of evidence
  • building physics
  • evaluation of real estates
  • survey reports and expertises:
    structural analysis, timber constructions and  prefabricated timberhouses, building constructions,
    architecture in general, bridge constructions,
    metal constructions, concrete- and ferro concrete constructions