Projects in Progress

Scout house

New building of the scout house

Client: scout group graz 10

A new clubhouse is to be built for the scout group

Period of performance: 2023 – 2024

Dimensions: 25m x 8m x 9m (L/B/H)

Performance: Submission planning, detailed planning, fire protection planning, local construction supervision, work of the construction site coordinator

Organic compound feed Gsellmann

New construction of a organic compound feed

Client: Gsellmann Immo GmbH

New construction of a organic compound feed in steel construction on a floor space of 1.600m² and a storage capacity of 7.200 tons with the following objects:
• Truck reception raw material (pre-cleaned) with rear tipper
• cleaning tower – storage cells raw material (silo cells)
• staircase
• machine wing (production) on different levels, incl. social room
• truck loading (bulk loading) with weighbridge
• truck delivery for silo trucks (blowing lines)
• Storage hall and filling of bagged goods and big bags
• Transformer building

In addition, a tent hall with an area of 385m² was erected as well as 9 truck parking spaces.

Period of performance: 11/2020 – ongoing
06/2021 until 11/2022 (construction)

Dimensions: 45.00m x 42.00m x 38.00m

Performance: Overall planning and coordination; Structural engineering; Construction tendering incl. sub-trades; Participation in awarding ÖBA BauKG Fire protection.

New construction of anaerobic reactor

Anaerobic tank (digester)

Client: Austria Juice GmbH

The planned new cylindrical anaerobic tank (digester) will have an internal diameter of 17.20m and a total height of approx. 21.00m.
The tank volume is 4,200.00m³. The tank will be built as a solid construction with pre-stressing, an enveloping metal façade incl. rock wool insulation as well as a green roof including a stair tower.

Period of performance: 07/22 – ongoing
Completion July 2024 planned

Dimensions: diameter=18,00m / height=21,00m

Performance: Static constructive processing,
tendering of master builder incl. sub-trades,
participation in the awarding of contracts, ÖBA, BauKG, fire protection

Vitakorn biosilo plant

Extension of the bio-storage silo

Client: Vitakorn Organic Feed Ges.m.b.H.

Extension of the bio-storage silo in solid construction with 28 cells on a floor area of 650m² and a storage capacity of 10.1 tons with the following additional components:
– Installation of a steam boiler house in the existing building
– Extension by two rear and side tipper castings
– New construction of weighbridge
as well as new construction of a bio-centre with office space and staff accommodation”.

Period of performance: 2020 – ongoing

Bio storage silo = 30.20m x 20.20m x 35.20m
Bio Centre = 20.00m x 13.15m x 12.30m

Performance: Overall planning and coordination
Structural engineering
Construction tendering incl. sub-trades
Participation in the awarding of contracts
ÖBA, BauKG, Fire protection

Hochsteiner bridges I + II

B64 Restoration

Client: Office of the Provincial Government of Styria, Department 16

The Hochsteiner bridges I + II, on the B64 – Rechberg Straße, are to be subjected to interim maintenance. The pavement, the waterproofing and the drainage will be renewed. The existing edge beams including railings are to be retained.
In order to improve durability and simplify future maintenance, the road future maintenance, roadway transition structures will be dispensed with, the objects will be converted into semi-integral supporting structures.

Performance: Tender design, detailed design

HENSEL military barracks (5F02)

New construction of large-scale military barracks in Villach

Client: Wetschko architectural office ZT GmbH

Extension of the Hensel military barracks in Villach and new construction of large-scale barracks including conversion work in four existing buildings.
On a total area of 19.7 ha, 19 new buildings will be constructed and four existing buildings will be converted. A wide variety of building uses are being planned, such as office and administration buildings, accommodation buildings, storage buildings, a gymnasium, workshop buildings, a parking deck, a garage building, a troop doctor’s office, as well as an energy supply building, and much more.

Period of performance: 2022-2028

Performance: Fire protection planning, accompanying fire protection control, final report

Favoritenstreet 183-185

Extension and reconstruction favoritenstreet 183-185

Client: architectural office Leopold ZT GmbH

Period of performance: 2021-2023

Dimensions: 70m x 40m x 20m (L/W/H)

Performance: Structural planning of steel construction, concrete construction, timber construction, plan of execution

LKH Graz south-west

Overall refurbishment C5/C6 LKH south-west

Client: Steiermärkische Krankenanstaltengesellschaft.m.b.H.
Service Technisches Dienstleistungszentrum

Period of performance: 2023-2024

Dimensions: 50m x 10m x 10m (L/W/H)

Performance: Structural planning of steel construction, concrete construction, timber construction, plan of execution

Addition BG/BRG Weiz

Addition to the BG/BRG Weiz

Client: Architectural office Goltnik ZT GmbH

Period of performance: 2021-2022

Dimensions: 50m x 15m x 10m (L/W/H)

Performance: Structural planning of steel construction, concrete construction, execution planning

Test statics radiology

New radiology building on the Graz Regional Hospital campuS

Client: Styrian Hospitals GesmbH

Period of performance: 2021-2023

Dimensions: 90m x 65m x 30m (L/W/H)

Performance: Test statics structural

Housing construction Johann-Josef-Fux-Gasse

New construction of 4 above-ground properties with a total of 44 residential units including underground parking

Client: GGW Charitable Graz Housing Cooperative

Period of performance: 2020-2022

Dimensions: 120m x 35m x 11m (L/W/H)

Performance: structural engineering solid construction, implementation planning, fire protection, tendering for master builders

Housing construction Ruthardweg

New construction of a 4-storey residential building including an underground car park

Client: KS Baumanagement Ges.m.b.H.

Period of performance: 2020-2022

Dimensions: 40m x 40m x 13m (L/W/H)

Performance: Structural planning, concrete construction, implementation planning

Thermal-baths in the Zillertal

Extension and renovation of the Fügen thermal baths in the Zillertal for the Freizeitzentrum Zillertal GmbH


Renewal of the entrance area as a stilt construction in steel frame construction with cross-laminated timber panels with a relaxation room on the 1st floor (about 15x40m). Extension of a three-storey steel-wood building with children’s area and changing rooms on the 1st floor, relaxation room and covered terrace on the 2nd floor and roof terrace (about 17.5x40m). Extension of a reinforced concrete building with an outdoor pool with 125m², a plunge pool and a sauna area (approx 20x40m).



Client: SOD Office Development GmbH

Overall dimensions: approx. 90m x 20m
Max. Height: about 25m

Performance: Detailed static calculation of concrete construction
Execution planning concrete construction (formwork and reinforcement)
Reinforcement acceptance

Pinzcker Vienna

Extension of bulk loading including acceptance gutter and conversion of existing buildings

Client: Bioprodukte Pinczker GmbH

Dimensions: 30.75m x 6.45m x 16.20m (L/W/H)

Performance: general planning, structural planning, fire protection planning, implementation planning, site supervision, BauKG


Expressway S7 East – Civil Engineering Structures (44 Major Bridge and Byway Constructions)

Client: Asfinag Baumanagement GmbH

Performance: preliminary design, documents for the water legislation procedure, documents for the nature conservation legislation procedure, general design, tender design, detailes project

HTL – Villach

Client: IKK Kaufmann-Kriebernegg ZT GmbH

Performance: fire control planning, supervision fire preventions on the field, fire prevention certificate